Welcome to NG Creative Studio.

A bespoke photography studio based in Sydney, Australia - servicing worldwide.

NG Creative Studio is a creative space built to bring your artistic visions to life. The foundation of our business is built on creative expression, honour, passion and a love for the utmost divine details. Here at NG Creative Studio, we are devoted to documenting your moments with raw and authentic imagery and capturing the finer details of your craft in a way that eloquently expresses your brand. Our desire as an artistic entity is to produce high end quality outcomes and exceed the results you have envisioned. We take pride in developing meaningful relationships with each of our clients because we value every story and creative endeavour, no matter its scale.

Taking you back in time with raw and authentic imagery. Capturing your intimate moments and finer details

Our aim is to produce imagery that makes you feel something. NG Creative Studio focuses on capturing the moments that consume you and highlighting the divine details of your day. Let us tell your story in an inspired and honest way through our lens.
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