Our Story

Our brand is all about capturing the raw emotions of your day and all of its utmost divine details. NG Creative Studio was born out of a love for the creative arts, a passion for photography and an eye for detail. What was once a pure hobby and interest, has now manifested into a career that lives and breathes photos. Specialising in wedding and event photography, as well as branding and commercial imagery, Nabeela has developed NG Creative Studio to be a one stop studio for both those looking to capture their moments and visualise their dreams.

Meet the Founder.

Meet the Founder and Creative Director, Nabeela Ghaznavi who started her creative journey in 2017 as a young and aspiring artist and established the NG Creative Studio brand in the year 2020.

Nabeela's love for the creative arts and taking photos started at a young age, inspired by her late grandfather who was a teacher, painter and photographer. After completing a Bachelor of Design majoring in Illustration and Photography in 2019, she took her first step in her career by establishing her creative space online and it has now grown into the bespoke brand it is today.

Founder of NG Creative Studio

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